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Can you relate to any of these? 

  • Do you feel drawn to starting or expanding a garden? 

  • Do have a busy, active lifestyle that needs a simple, foolproof solution for gardening?  

  • Do you know in your heart that gardening would be so good for yourself -- as well as kids, grandkids, or other family or friends? 


COMING SOON: We are busy curating the best ideas for inspiring connection between people and growing food. Our hope is to reach more people who have either never gardened before or who have found it overwhelming and would love a simple, tried & tested solution for starting, nurturing and most importantly, ENJOYING, a kitchen garden. If you are interested in this, please subscribe below so you don't miss the launch of our new Inspired Garden section. 


"When we subtract all unnecessary elements,

that is when we reveal the inspired simple life.  "

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